• Up, Up and AWAY!

    So there isn't too much new to add this week but I'm in the process of applying for another grant, this time the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation. I'm proposing to expand on the work I created for "The Darkest Part of the Forest" which you can see in my portfolio page. Application is going to be sent out by the end of January, which is just about when I should hear whether or not I got a table for this year's Linework. Also, later in the year I should be showing my work at Thurman Street Art Collective. I believe that will be in November but more details are to come. Other than that, just head on over to my tumblr to see new sketch work and digital color-play. I've been updating it each Monday so far.

  • Tonic Show

    If you are in the Portland, Or. area during the month of June 2014 then head on over to Tonic Lounge and see my work! First solo show in Portland and I'm pretty pleased with the way it's all turned out. More news to come.

  • New New New

    So it's a new year and again I attempt to keep up with my workload and uploading things in an appropriate amount of time. I have new things to share from this past year at school and some exciting things to work on for the next few months. Hold on to your hats ladies and gents!

  • PNCA's 2012 Juried Illustration Show

    Check out the link for this year's Juried Illustration Show, which I was glad to be a part of this year. There were wonderful artists all around and every person who won an award deserved all the acclaim they received.

  • Updates

    I just submitted some work to Threadless.com to possibly be picked as t-shirt designs for printing. Visit Foxgloves, FridaFlies or In The Roses to see the designs and once they've been approved feel free to score them to help get them printed.

  • Put a Bird on It

    So a long time has past and at this point I would just like to let everyone know that I am currently back in school getting a second degree in Illustration at the lovely college PNCA. My charming pup Diego and I are doing great and are loving the chilly weather already..although I still need to rainproof my wardrobe. There will be lots of new work up within the upcoming weeks. I may start a new folder for all of the school related material that I produce but I haven't decided on that yet. I did just go through my books and pull out some of the better sketches from over the past few months. I hope you enjoy them and I look forward to sharing more soon.

  • Adios Computer

    SO my computer has died and I just wanted to make sure I updated everyone that I will be having to hold off on updating my website for the next few weeks. I promise I have some lovely things to upload soon and I hope you can hang tight in the meantime! Love to you all!

  • Spraygraphic Vinyl Show Review

    Hey everyone,
    A little late in posting this but I wanted to share one of the reviews of the Spraygraphic Vinyl Show that took place at the beginning of the month. Fantastic stuff and it was rather fun playing wheres Waldo while I looked for my artwork. Still wish I could have made it myself but I'm very glad I got to be a part of it regardless.

  • Someday My Prince Will Come...

    Or not? Recently I decided to participate in a Vinyl Record Show hosted by Spraygraphic. When I was searching for the records with which to do my work I discovered an amazing amount of old nursery rhyme records for kids. Suddenly a theme took shape in my head and I got to work on three "revamped" fables. With Mother Goose there is no cautionary tale aspects because it's really just a re-visualizing of the lovely matron of stories. HennyPenny and Someday My Prince Will Come are a bit more nihilistic however. Henny Penny's paranoia and inability to see what is real causes her to make stupid choices where as with our favorite Disney princess there is that misguided belief that if you wait and wish for life and love to fall into your lap by means of being virtuous and fair, then those things will surely come to you....someday. It was amazing to me as I was working on these pieces how much of an affect these types of stories can have on children and how they translate into adulthood in striking ways. What will or what could our world be like if we told new stories instead, better ones that take and shape us into something bigger than what we are today...and better maybe too.

  • January's Flowers

    It's a new year and everything is coming up roses...kinda.
    Flowers are on the brain though and to start things off I've added a new selection to my gallery that highlights those thoughts.

    Within the next few weeks there will be a dynamic shift in my life as I leave one place of employment and look for another. It's an adventure and a risk but I am very happy to get started on doing things differently this year. In the end there is no time to waste. We only get this one life to work with, that we know. So I look forward to changing the direction that my life has been taking and looking for a new path to travel. One thing is constant though, which is my artwork.

    Keep tuned in. There will be new work cropping up soon and hopefully some collaborations with some other, very talented artists. 2011 is bound to be interesting. Let's enjoy it together, shall we?

  • FORM: artistic independence 2010 Book Release Party

    Hello All.
    It's been a lovely and chilly week. Atlanta has finally decided that it's winter. Even though it's cold out there are still plenty of fun things to do in the coming weeks. First and foremost is this upcoming Friday's FORM:artistic independence 2010 Book Release Party. FORM magazine is put together by We Design Atlanta which is showcasing creative works of both established and rising talent in the Atlanta arts scene. This year's event will be taking place at MINT Gallery in Atlanta at 8pm. MINT Gallery is located at 145B Sampson St. Atlanta, GA. 30312.

    The event will include a gallery featuring the work of FORM: 2010 artists, a cover design competition and a used book sale to benefit WE Design Atlanta and MINT. Softcover copies of FORM: 2010 will also be available for sale.

    I've been lucky enough to have been selected for this year's edition and will have work up at the gallery along with some of the other artists selected for the book. I hope to see all of you there. It should be a great evening.

  • Howl-o-ween!

    Happy Halloween everyone!
    This year's festivities took me into the middle of East Atlanta Village on Saturday night, where zombies and cowboys ran side by side terrorizing people. Spent my evening enjoying the Earl's Free Dance Party, which was a lot like walking into a high school dance that had just started, but with more beer and cigarette smoke. Even though there wasn't any dancing going on, there was a lot of drawing on my part. Check out my Halloween Eve illustration, currently gracing the homepage. With my recent purchase of gouache paints I am happy to say that I am freshly in love with the medium and you can look forward to some similar images down the road. Now back to eating, I mean handing out!, the trick-or-treaters candy...

  • Form

    Hello friends,
    A lovely Friday evening to everyone. I am busy busy working on different projects right now. Pleased to say that my illustration titled Jackaroo was selected for Form Magazine. Check out their website or look here for more details as they come. I got a chance to see some of the other selected artists in this year's magazine and there is some fantastic work being displayed. Alright folks. Been a long week. Off to sleep. More later.

  • The Howling

    Hello all. It's been a slow month for artwork. Have a few things to put up on the website soon but my job has kept me pretty busy the last few weeks. Spent some inspiring time up on Shelter Island, NY recently. Got a whole series of ideas from the fantastic beach fauna. More to come. Also, I just got accepted to Form magazine. Look for my artwork in the artistic independence 2010 edition which should be released soon.

  • In Progress

    Spent the evening working on some cover art for my friend who is a talented musician. Experimenting with some mixed mediums. So far the results are velvety and delicious. Check out the bare-bummed cowgirl in my sample commissions section and do yourself a favor and listen to Old Custer.

  • Its a start...

    First evenings post. I am in the process of submitting artwork and adding information on where and how to purchase any prints or originals shown on the website. As mentioned I am currently open for commissioned artwork. E-mail me any inquiries you may have. I do mainly pen and ink as well as some color washes. Open to other media if desired.
    More to come.